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Anakbayan is a comprehensive National Democratic mass organization of the Filipino youth that aims to arouse, organize and mobilize youth for national democracy with a socialist perspective.

It unites youth workers, farmers, urban poor, students, professionals, women, migrants, Moro and other national minorities to contribute to the advancement and success of the National Democratic struggle of the Filipino people. Along with the struggle for the immediate and long-term needs of the youth, it will strongly and deeply integrate with the strength and the struggle of the toiling masses.

Any Filipino youth from thirteen (13) to thirty-five (35) years old who believes and adheres to the principles, program and guidelines of Anakbayan can become a member. (You can still email us if you’re outside of the age range!)

As a comprehensive organization, Anakbayan targets members from the working class, peasants, urban poor, students, professionals, women, migrants or Filipino youth abroad, Moro and other national minorities who are ready to join the powerful national democratic movement of the toiling masses.

It is our basic right as members to express our opinions and give suggestions, volunteer for tasks, elect and be elected, be criticized and receive disciplinary action. It is our duty to attend meetings, accept tasks, recruit members, participate in activities, and pay dues.

Join the movement. Join Anakbayan!

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