Anakbayan British Columbia Launches!

December 12th marked a historic day as Anakbayan British Columbia launched as an overseas Anakbayan chapter. This long awaited day was celebrated with approximately 30 attendees and allies. They commemorated by sharing warm, congratulatory video messages from Anakbayan chapters across Canada along with solidarity messages from allied organizations and individuals. The message from an IndigenousContinue reading “Anakbayan British Columbia Launches!”

Congratulations Anakbayan Ottawa for Hosting Your First General Assembly

Earlier this December, Anakbayan Ottawa held their first General Assembly online following years of arousing, organizing, and mobilizing Filipino youth in Ottawa for the national democratic struggle with a socialist perspective. This monumental General Assembly saw Anakbayan members in Ottawa sum up their work and elect their first executive committee. Congratulatory and solidarity messages fromContinue reading “Congratulations Anakbayan Ottawa for Hosting Your First General Assembly”