Activism Is Not Terrorism / Activism Is Not A Crime!

Anakbayan Canada, its chapters and its affiliate organizations, strongly condemns the numerous arrests, raids and killings of human rights activists under the US-Duterte administration. The use of red-tagging to violently suppress anyone who opposes the regime’s pro-imperialist and anti-people policies will not be tolerated.

Wakasan Na!

Durterte and his cronies work injustice hour by hour. Under his regime, fascist attacks against progressives and ordinary people continue with impunity, despite the pandemic. Instead of helping front line workers, relief workers, and ordinary peoplw stop the spread of the COVID-19 and help each other, the incompetent Duterte government and his military continue their unrelentless war against the people. Deeply buried in foreign debt worth billions of dollars from the US, China and Japan, the Duterte regime wantonly wastes the money on military armaments and defense budgets. People are jobless, hungry and scared and challenged with the basic health precautions of physical distancing and washing with water and soap.

Wakasan Na! is a pledge to break the silence and a call to help other Filipinos find their way to speak out and express both their disappointments and their vision for the nation. Whether people seek resignation, impeachment, ouster, or ensuring the defeat of Duterte’s political heir in 2022, there is enough ground for us to come together and work together. The Filipino people must forge a united resistance against tyranny in the Philippines.

We join BAYAN Canada and other member organizations in joining the Filipino people, in and out of the Philippines, to expose and oppose Duterte for the fascist that he is.

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