Cops off Campus! Youth and Students in Canada Against Cops and Military on Campus: Unity Statement

Reference: Nicole Sudiacal, Interim Chairperson (

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We, the undersigned youth and students in Canada, strongly condemn the termination of the UP-DND agreement. We are collectively enraged by this attack on the academic freedom and democratic rights of youth, students, and faculty that is intensified under the Duterte administration’s Anti-Terror Law.

The UP-DND agreement was signed on June 30, 1989. It is a product of the democratic movement led by the youth and student sector during Marcos’ martial law era. It keeps police and military from entering the premises of any University of the Philippines (UP) campus without notice of university officials. On January 15, 2021, Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary of the Philippines Delfin Lorenzana wrote to the UP President Danilo Concepcion about terminating the UP-DND accord.

Lorenzana claims that UP students are recruited by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and New People’s Army (NPA) which the Anti-Terrorism Council (ATC) declared as a terrorist organization. He claims the agreement does not allow the police and military to effectively provide security and safety to the UP students, faculty, and staff.

We see through his lies. Despite the three-decade agreement, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) continuously violated the accord. Students and faculty are red-tagged, intimidated, harassed, and surveilled on campus especially those from progressive grassroots organizations. Last June, eight students at UP Cebu were violently harassed and illegally arrested by the PNP for peacefully protesting against the Anti-Terror Act on campus grounds.

Similarly, students from Canadian universities call for “Cops off Campus”. From racial profiling, physical harassment, aggression and violence specifically towards Black, Indigenous, and other racialized students, students in Canada demand the removal of campus police and special constables as well as the end of partnerships with police services.

At the University of Ottawa, a Black student was racially profiled and was unlawfully detained for trespassing. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) conducted wellness checks on a student from the University of British Columbia-Okanagan resulting in the use of physical force and verbal harassment. Similarly, the University of Toronto campus police’s response to mental health crises led to more escalation and distress. Globally, the police and military do not serve and protect students.

Philippine students grapple with numerous issues such as a growing number of COVID-19 cases, inaccessible online learning, and a heightened political climate. UP campuses also serve as safe spaces for Lumad, displaced due to military attacks on their ancestral lands, to continue their studies and to conduct protest rallies. The termination of the UP-DND agreement is not just an attack on the UP community but an attack on any critical voices against the Duterte administration.

We collectively see this as censorship, a violation of freedom of expression, and silencing of student voices. As youth and students, we pursue education to learn more about the world. Many of us develop critical thinking skills and learn about the injustices and inequalities happening around us. We can choose to put our knowledge into practice to make change and do so by joining progressive organizations.

We believe that terminating the UP-DND accord makes it more difficult and dangerous for youth and student leaders and progressive grassroots organizations to use their critical voices to defend and fight for human rights. We call on the youth and students in Canada to join this call to defend academic freedom, to uphold the UP-DND agreement, and to end state terror.


We sign this as individuals or affiliates of organizations who stand against campus militarization by the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Organizations are listed for identification purposes only.


Fatima Barron, Carleton Univeristy Alumna, Anakbayan Canada
Sandra Cordero Rebolledo, Le Droit de vivre en paix Montreal
Rosie Lucente, Anakbayan Toronto
Ana Ilagan, Anakbayan Manitoba
G C, Unaffiliated
Andy, Canada-Philippines Solidarity Organization
U, Anakbayan Toronto
Ryan Greenlaw, Canada-Philippines Solidarity Organization – Toronto
Luisito Queano, Convenor – Malaya Movement Canada
Stef Martin, Anakbayan Toronto
Aerelle Pakingan, Anakbayan Toronto
Fatma S, Ryerson University
Azure Lefebvre, Regenesis
Antara Labiba, George Brown College
Carla Nicoyco, Bahaghari
Lyla Luciano, Anakbayan Alberta
Clarizza Singson, Karapatan Negros Island
Louie Encabo, Wellington Malaya Movement
Elaine Malinis, Anakbayan Alberta
Roselle Panganiban, Red River College
Alexine Maria Sanchez, Sulong UBC
C. Mckenzie
D, Anakbayan Alberta
Jacqueline Gallos Aquines, Bahaghari Filipinx
Hollis Pearson
Gelaine Santiago
Thomena Jeyarajah, Democratic people
Ritse Mord
Margarita Bartholomew, Anakbayan Toronto
Christina Kruszewski, University of Alberta
anisah ramdeo, George brown college
jeo Zagada, Anakbayan Alberta
Shevaun Burrell, George Brown College
Jael Krebs, Nait
Émilie Duchesne, Université du Québec à Montréal
Mia Ines Isabella Rivera, Anakbayan Toronto
Zainab Abdulhuseinl, McGill University
Marissa Corpus, Malaya Movement Canada
Lara Maestro Sulong UBC
ML Gamboa, University of Guelph / Anakbayan Toronto
Montanya Anonuevo, Migrante BC
Akshya Boopalan, MacEwan University
Mackenzie Elizabeth Schmidt
Cynthia Palmaria, Migrante Alberta
Marnett Sidro
Carl Michael Cortes, Canada Philippines Solidarity
Nicole Sudiacal, Anakbayan Canada
Isa Carlin, Sulong UBC
Waynes Manalang, Anakbayan Toronto
Olivia Blahuta, Canada-Philippines Solidarity Organization
Elvin Velasco, Anakbayan Toronto /GBC Advocates/EYP RISE UP T.O/Kasamartistas
Tammy Dukes
Zenee Maceda
Myka Jaymalin, Anakbayan Toronto
Mariama Dioum, Étudiante à l’UQAM
Saima Faheem, Student
Ana Luisa Sales, GBC Advocates
Ngoc Tho Nguyen, George Brown College
Justin Arios-Dela Cruz, Anakbayan Toronto
Taylor Rowe, George Brown College
Donna Turcios, George Brown college
Jasmine Le, George Brown College
Daisy Nolasco, Bayanihan Empowerment
Daniela Salcedo, Filipino Canadian Students Association (FILCASA)
Emerald Bandoles, York University & Anakbayan Toronto
Angeline Pink, FILSAUO & Pinoys on Parliament
Jill-Anne Santiago, Anakbayan Toronto
Lourdes Teodoro, Filipino Canadian Students Association (FILCASA)
Kristal Mae Puguan, Anakbayan Ottawa
Borrsha Kanapathipillai
Len Pakingan, Anakbayan BC
Trevor Younie, Canada Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights
Yeng Camaclang, BAYAN Canada
Erie Maestro, Migrante BC/UP alumnus
Jeff Solis, Sulong UBC
Beth Dollaga, ICHRP BC
Billy Grayer, Canada Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights
Victoria Chen, Canada Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights
Claire Swanson, Canada Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights
Kiana Reyes, GABRIELA BC
Jane Ordinario, Migrante BC
Deann Nardo, Anakbayan Montreal
Desiree Raquepo
Tess Tesalona, Migrante Quebec
Antonio de Jesus, ICHRP Québec
Francis Arevalo, Francis Arevalo Music
Luis Pedroso, UP Alumni Association of British Columbia
Joni Razote, UP Alumni Association of British Columbia
Danelle Ortiz, GABRIELA BC
Teresa Agustin, Malaya Quebec
Naiah Albacea, Migrante BC
Jenna Lawrence, Canada Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights
Chase Nelson, Canada Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights
Jacqueline Stol, Anakbayan Montreal
Joseph Geronimo, ACLA
Rick Esguerra, former UP Instructor Filipino Canadian Writers & Journalists Network
Edmund Muyot, Malaya Movement in Canada
Brigitte Dang-ay, Migrante Ontario
Rowena Papasin-Cando, ABS-CBN TFC
Shayan de Luna-Bueno, Sulong UBC
Marco Luciano, Migrante
Alyssa Schenk, Anakbayan Ottawa
Trisha Mathieu, Anakbayan Ottawa
Mai Javier, Anakbayan BC
Maki Cairns, GABRIELA BC
Lesley Urgel, Anakbayan BC
Abe ReciLe, Anakbayan Chicago
Bryce Portillo


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