Filipino Youth in Canada join International Human Rights Day Commemoration and Mobilizations

Filipino youth activists mobilize in the streets and online to remember the victims of the tyrannical US-Duterte Regime and demand justice for the living. 

In Vancouver, Filipino youth joined Canada-Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights (CPSHR) at the intersection of Joyce and Kingsway echoing calls of activists back in the Philippines from “Junk The Terror Law!” to “Activism is Not Terrorism!” to “Oust Duterte!”. Sulong UBC and Anakbayan BC made a short short statement outlining the perspective of the youth.

In Toronto, Anakbayan Toronto released a feature comparing his outlandish remarks to the subsequent fascist actions taken by the US-Duterte administration. Reaching more than 1000 people online, they amplified the calls to stop the killings in the Philippines, to stop red-tagging, and to join the struggle for national democracy in the Philippines with a socialist perspective.

In Ottawa, 25 activists including youth and student members of Anakbayan Ottawa gathered at the Human Rights Monument for a candlelight vigil and rally. Anakbayan Ottawa, Migrante Ottawa, the Ontario Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines and the Communist Party of Canada all spoke in defence of peoples rights.

“The struggle against facism can never be over while Duterte remains in power and his blatant disregard of human rights violations continues. We stand united in the struggle and will continue to fight until the national democratic struggle overcomes the U.S-Duterte regime!” shared Sulong UBC in a statement released on December 11.

December 10 also saw six labour rights activists and one journalist illegally arrested in Metro Manila, Philippines. They were arrested in their respective residences.

International Human Rights Day is observed every year on December 10.

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