Congratulations Anakbayan Ottawa for Hosting Your First General Assembly

Earlier this December, Anakbayan Ottawa held their first General Assembly online following years of arousing, organizing, and mobilizing Filipino youth in Ottawa for the national democratic struggle with a socialist perspective. This monumental General Assembly saw Anakbayan members in Ottawa sum up their work and elect their first executive committee. Congratulatory and solidarity messages from allied organizations as well as cultural performances were sprinkled throughout the weekend, making for a memorable occasion.

Anakbayan Canada congratulates Anakbayan Ottawa on taking the next step in the development of their chapter. Over the years, we watched you raise the consciousness of Filipino youth in the diaspora that the situation of the broad masses in the Philippines is unjust and must be transformed. You continued to mobilize and organize online and in the streets. From leading mass actions and tabling at local events, to creating agitating graphics and newsletters and invigorating statements and speeches, you brought attention to the contemporary and historical issues affecting our homeland. 

Anakbayan Ottawa developed relationships with Filipino university student groups. Therefore, advancing a more engaged Filipino youth and student sector. As an overseas chapter of Anakbayan, you engaged in alliance building and solidarity work with BAYAN Canada member organizations as well as with non-Filipino organizations, building the anti-imperialist united front in Canada’s capital. 

The development of Anakbayan in Canada’s capital speaks to the collective yearning of the youth for a better future for the Filipino people. We extend congratulations to their work in contributing to the national democratic movement with a socialist perspective in the Philippines! 

We encourage youth in Ottawa who are interested in advancing the struggle for national liberation and genuine democracy in the Philippines to join Anakbayan Ottawa.

Lumalakas, lumalawak, lumalaban! Anakbayan!

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