Anakbayan British Columbia Launches!

December 12th marked a historic day as Anakbayan British Columbia launched as an overseas Anakbayan chapter. This long awaited day was celebrated with approximately 30 attendees and allies. They commemorated by sharing warm, congratulatory video messages from Anakbayan chapters across Canada along with solidarity messages from allied organizations and individuals. The message from an Indigenous ally connected the struggles of our fellow Filipinos back in the Philippines to the struggles of the Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island.

Anakbayan Canada congratulated Anakbayan British Columbia for their organized, arousing, and creative propaganda work and educational discussions during these last four months. The fight against imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism and feudalism is ever growing and expanding as more Filipino youth raise their consciousness by choosing to join the national democratic struggle with a socialist perspective. 

British Columbia is home to Canada’s second largest Filipino population with more than 150,000 people. Canada, an imperialist beast, now has to contend with Anakbayan chapters in almost every major city across Canada. This development in the militant Filipino youth and student movement marks the continued dedication to wage mass campaigns and struggles across the province.

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